How Does NeurOptimal® Work?

During a NeurOptimal® session, you sit back and listen to music for about 35 minutes. That’s it. Nothing to else to do. While you relax, five sensors – two on each side of the head and three on the ears – collect brain data. This data is read by a program that notes specific changes in cortical activity. Whenever these changes occur, breaks in the music alert the brain to pay attention to what it is doing so it can make appropriate corrections. The recognition and correction occur subconsciously, however, so it takes no conscious effort from you. Over time, these corrections become integrated into the brain’s day-to-day functioning and you start to see positive changes in your life.

Your Mental Symphony

Put another way, let’s imagine that the functioning of the brain is akin to a symphony orchestra. NeurOptimal® is “listening to the music” of your mental symphony and noticing whenever an “instrument” is out of sync with the rest of the orchestra. So, to continue the metaphor, imagine that an oboe is playing out of key or a violin is playing out of tempo. Whenever that happens, a break in the music alerts the brain to pay attention to what it’s doing. In this way, the brain is brought back to the present and can decide how or even whether to alter its functioning.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback™ is Unique

NeurOptimal® is nonlinear and dynamical, making it unique among neurofeedback systems. It is nonlinear because it measures four dimensions of cortical activity (duration, intensity, frequency, and shift – the mental “music”) and dynamical because it does this 256 times per second, relaying data to the brain in real time.

In contrast, linear neurofeedback systems use a snapshot in time of just two dimensions of brain activity to diagnose and treat problems. NeurOptimal® recognizes that the brain is constantly changing and operates in more than two dimensions; there is no diagnosis or guesswork as to what corrections should be made – the brain itself decides whether and how to correct inefficiencies.

Although each person’s experience depends on his or her individual brain “symphony,” most people feel calm and refreshed after a NeurOptimal® session and report positive effects over time, such as better sleep, clearer thinking, or less worry. As when we learn to drive or dance or play music, we each are unique and gain skills at different rates. The beauty of NeurOptimal® is that your results will be unlike anyone else’s: although there